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Sean – 1970

Filmmaker Ralph Arlyck interviews his neighbor, Sean Farrell, a 4-year-old living on San Francisco’s Haight Street in 1969. Sean gives his thoughts on life in his home, a hippie crash pad, and casually mentions that he smokes pot, which caused this short film to become a national sensation.

Current Events

What does it mean to be a “mensch” – a decent human being? The Torah, the Talmud, the prophets, and Jewish commentary all say we must seek justice, truth, and peace. Director Ralph Arlyck also attempts to answer this question in his award-winning film diary, which examines how we respond – or do not respond...

Following Sean

Thirty years, three generations, and a lifetime later, award-winning filmmaker Ralph Arlyck returns to San Francisco in search of Sean, the boy who was the subject of his controversy-sparking 1969 documentary.

I Like It Here

People talk or laugh about aging, its irritations and relentless progression, but rarely confront the reality of dying or being left alone. Nor do they consider the lightness and calmness that can come when the race seems not so crucial. I LIKE IT HERE is about all those things and, finally, about the pleasures of...