An Acquired Taste

Filmmaker Ralph Arlyck examines the pursuit of success by examining the achievements in his own life. He goes back to his school days and visits schools, finding parallels among young people today. He points out his various career milestones



“An Acquired Taste addresses a vast and nearly out-of-control obsession of American society, and does it with the only useful tools there are: subtlety, humor, and caring.”
– Peter Reynolds, Omega Institute

“This wonderful movie has a light-hearted introspection which strikes a familiar chord in the rest of us. Success mau be an “acquired taste” but it certainly is a goal that deserves inquiry, and there’s nothing like good-humored self-disclosure to make it palatable.”
– Edward Mason, Dept. of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

“Captivating and delightful. Ralph Arlyck spoofs Woody Allen and touches everybody in the bargain. Who could fail to relate to this?
The filmmaker has a wonderful sense of the ironies of life and a great ear for the way people express themselves.
Hooray for humor!”
– EFLA Evaluations

“Arluck uses everything that comes to hand: himself, his kids, Little League baseball, college sports, ads, billboards, the Oscars, the Grammys, movie marquees, to strike a hilarious blow at the American Way of Success and Competition.”
– San Francisco Chronicle